28 April 2014

A taste of the NI experience

Current Belfast YAV Beth R. created a video for the recent YAV Discernment weekend.

As I've shared before, Discernment (a.k.a. Placement) was the first time I met the volunteers I would serve with in Belfast, and felt welcomed into the YAV community that I love so much. Beth sent me the video a few weeks ago for a little trip down memory lane, and now that she's posted it on YouTube I'm happy to share this opportunity for you to see an updated glimpse into the life of a Belfast YAV:

And don't forget - if you are between the ages of 19-30, and you are interested in a career in non-profit work, humanitarian aid or church service, you can still apply to be a Young Adult Volunteer at one of our 15 National sites! See www.pcusa.org/yav for more details.

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