28 April 2014

A taste of the NI experience

Current Belfast YAV Beth R. created a video for the recent YAV Discernment weekend.

As I've shared before, Discernment (a.k.a. Placement) was the first time I met the volunteers I would serve with in Belfast, and felt welcomed into the YAV community that I love so much. Beth sent me the video a few weeks ago for a little trip down memory lane, and now that she's posted it on YouTube I'm happy to share this opportunity for you to see an updated glimpse into the life of a Belfast YAV:

And don't forget - if you are between the ages of 19-30, and you are interested in a career in non-profit work, humanitarian aid or church service, you can still apply to be a Young Adult Volunteer at one of our 15 National sites! See www.pcusa.org/yav for more details.

14 February 2014

Deadlines, once again

It seems to be a trend: me using this platform to tell you to BE A YAV!

Well, here's another chance. Today is the deadline for international applications! 

16 December 2013

Special Offerings

Hello, people who may-or-may not be still following this blog! For those of you I don't see regularly, here's an update:

I accepted a new position with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) soon after returning to Louisville ("officially") in October, as the Assistant for Special Offerings and Appeals. Since then, I've been getting reacquainted with my city and my former / current coworkers, keeping busy setting up my new apartment and picking up a extra few hours in holiday-season retail to supplement my travel habits ;-) That, combined with the fact that I still haven't set up internet in my apartment yet, means I have been a little silent on the social media front. My apologies for those who got used to seeing everything I was up to on a daily basis!

The position in Special Offerings is important to me - mostly because the work that we do allows many others in the denomination to do their work. Including the Young Adult Volunteer program. One new addition to our offerings for 2013 is the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. It's no surprise what my favorite items in the catalog are featured on page 13 (and reproduced for you, below): supplements for Young Adult Volunteers like bus passes and groceries.

As a recipient of these funds in the past, I can tell you from experience how nice it is to jump on the bus to work, rather than walking 2 miles in the cold Belfast rain. I encourage everyone to check it out, especially those who have not yet completed their Christmas shopping, or those who prefer to give gifts that make a difference on a larger scale! Visit presbyteriangifts.org for more!

16 October 2013

Greetings from Nashville!

Courtney, Kathryn and I have made our way to the deep south of Nashville, TN for the last few weeks of our YAVIT! tour. So far we've been able to see quite a bit of the city - from honky tonks on SoBro to a night at the Opera! We've had quite the tour guide in (Belfast YAV-turned-Nashville YAV) T.J.

He also gave us a tour of his current placement, Room in the Inn. It was really impactful to see his relationships to the participants at his site. Many former Nashville YAVs have even stayed on as employees. 

Don't worry, it hasn't been all fun and games - we've done some outreach, too. ;-) Last night we met the campus ministry at Vandy that I think deserves its own post... so keep an eye out for that!

We've just got one more night here in our "Cave" - the youth room at Westminster Pres that has been our home for the past week - before we head to Cookeville for the Middle Tennessee Presbytery meeting tomorrow. I can't believe our tour is almost complete!

28 September 2013

YAVITs on Tour!

Courtney, Kathryn and I are in Colorado!

Airport stylin'!

It's really beautiful here, our hosts have gone over-the-top to make us feel welcome, and the Presbytery folks we've met so far couldn't be nicer. We have a few days up front to work a little more on our message and do some sightseeing, but we'll be polishing up our presentations in front of a (hopefully understanding) public audience soon.

Some of our engagements are for specific groups or require RSVP, but if you live in the Denver / Boulder area, here are a few places you can stop by and say hi to me in the next few weeks!

Sunday, 29 September (Boulder, CO)
10:30 am - St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

Friday, 4 October (Denver, CO)
9 pm - Salsa dancing at Blue Ice

Sunday, 6 October (Denver)
10:30 am - Central Presbyterian Church

Hope to see you soon!

27 September 2013


So apparently I'm not a YAV anymore.

Now that we've successfully survived the altitude at Ghost Ranch, the men and women with whom I've served for the last year are officially YAV-A... Young Adult Volunteer Alumni!

We graduated!
(OK, so maybe the caps are photoshopped...)
Please enjoy a few scenes from our retreat last weekend, where we came together to remember our year of service and work through the issues that come with reverse culture shock!

17 September 2013

An update - and a new adventure!

Well, the time of sitting around waiting for the "next steps" is over - tomorrow, I will finally fly to Abiquiu, NM for the YAV transition retreat and reunite with the whole gang I haven't seen since last August (minus a few who will be sorely missed)! I am really, really excited.

After a week in New Mexico, I will head to Denver and Nashville for a few weeks to share my story with local churches and presbyteries. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to spend time in each of these cities - so if you're in the area, drop me a line! I'll do my best to update here during my time on the road.

In other news:

I was interviewed! Read it here:
Following God's call as a Young Adult Volunteer: Young adults find their voice and their place in the church

What I'm listening to:
I love this song. A friend posted this today on facebook, and even though I hadn't heard it since leaving Belfast, I've probably listened to it at least 10 times today while getting ready for the next stage of my journey. Enjoy!

Lyrics below: