28 August 2012

You Guys, We're in Belfast!

This is the thought that I keep having (and often marveling out loud): "You guys, we live in Belfast!" ... to which Anna replied: "Put that in your blog and quote it." (So I did.)

You guys, we're in Belfast!
Everything they told us about the honeymooning phase and initial dopamine rush has proven to be true. Everything is charming ("look at those kids - they have accents!"), and when we went out for our inaugural Guinness this evening, T.J. made fast friends with an old man and his dog in a neighborhood bar.

Our flight was relatively uneventful, and we made it through customs, etc. without any problems. No one so much as lost a bag. The sun was even out to greet us! After a lovely lunch with Doug's family, we spent the rest of the afternoon trying not to fall asleep. Our flat is cute, and perfect for Anna and me. I'll post photos when I'm a bit more organized - as we were trying to unpack this evening, our neighbor-YAVs dragged us out to explore the neighborhood and enjoy the aforementioned Guinness.

Fun fact of the day:
All the plugs have on/off switches. Down is on.

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  1. Enjoy the honeymoon--you all have so much to do (which I think you will enjoy also, just in another way)