30 August 2012

Today, I saw Scotland.

After quite a heavy day yesterday, today was much more fun. We began at Kathryn's placement, East Belfast Mission - which is a large social outreach congregation. The energy there is amazing as they complete the finishing touches on a gorgeous new building. And we got to wear hard hats.

Doug and Kathryn prepare to tour the new Skainos site at EBM
After EBM, we toured Courtney's site at Garnerville Presbyterian, Beth's placement at Dundonald Methodist, and Grace's church at Regent Street Presbyterian. We rounded out the site visits with Grace's community site, the LINK Centre. All with some very, very cool programming.

I know that I'm just glossing past my fellow YAVs and their placements at this point for the sake of brevity. Once we've settled into our sites, we plan to do guest blogs with a little more detail. Hopefully this will give you a better sense of my Belfast family and the incredible work they will be doing this year.

After LINK, Doug took us up to the Scrabo tower to have a look over the city. The weather was clear enough that we could even see Scotland! We had a fantastic time scrambling over the rocks and frolicking in the grass (it is SO soft here)!


Fun fact of the day:
The people here seem to serve chocolate with everything - with tea / coffee or the end of each meal. I could really get used to this!

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