15 May 2012


Things have been moving forward at a steady, if uneventful pace since the last time I wrote: preparing to transition my work responsibilities, sorting through my storage unit to determine what gets kept / sold and donations rolling in (now at over $5,600 - you guys ROCK)!

In the midst of this, I got some exciting news this morning that I wanted to share with you guys... our site coordinator Doug has matched us with our placements for next year! This not only means that I now know where I'll be working, but it also means I know where I'll be living / who I'll be living with, and I can begin the process to apply for my visa!

Sooo... drumroll please!

My new job(s):

Fortwilliam and Mcrory Presbyterian Church
Fortwilliam and Macrory Presbyterian Church, in a mixed part of North Belfast, is actively engaging with all sections of the community – regardless of political or religious affiliation.  This post involves support for young people in the congregation through Sunday morning Bible Class and Sunday evening youth fellowship.  There is also work with a youth club primarily attended by those outside the congregation. 

The Vine Centre
The Vine Community and Advice Centre is in a low-income inter-face area in North Belfast.   This involves work with after-schools tutoring/study support, a senior citizen’s lunch, a children’s outreach programme called JAFFA (Jesus A Friend For ALL) and a parent/ toddler group.

My new home:

Anna is super psyched to be my roomie, and is also quite proud of my computer / superimposing skills. She may or may not think this is the best photo of her EVER. And yes, I now have my address and phone number for next year... but we've gotta leave a little mystery for another post!


  1. So exciting!!! I can't wait to hear more!

    1. I'd missed the attachment with the descriptions earlier... added now!

  2. I wait with bated breath to hear the next post. Love the job-site; love the digs.