30 April 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that my fundraising letters have been showing up in mailboxes across the country, I've begun to receive a few frequently-asked questions. I will take this opportunity to address them below:

When are you leaving?
I will leave for orientation in Stony Point, NY on August 20. Assuming I have no visa issues (which happens on occasion for NI participants), I will leave New York for Belfast on August 27.

What happens if you raise more than $8,000?
That would be an awesome problem to have!

Just kidding... with the amazing support I've received to date, raising more than $8,000 is certainly a possibility. The average cost to support a YAV during their year abroad costs the PC(USA) anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 (thankfully they don't make us raise the entire amount!). Any fundraising I do that exceeds the minimum requirement will still be applied to my year in Belfast.

What will you do with your car? / Is that washer and dryer still available?
Like many of my personal items that will probably cost more to store than they would be worth to replace, I plan on selling my beloved Yaris before I head out in August... and yes, I have had enough people reference the availability of my aforementioned washer and dryer to address it in the FAQ post. Unfortunately for your dirty clothes, the pair have already found a loving home with Alex and Corinna.

Any other burning questions? Add 'em in the comments section!

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