21 March 2012

Thank you!

Oh, wow.

I knew that there would be people out there who would be excited for me to embark on this new adventure, but the outpouring of love I've received is just overwhelming.

Thank you SO much for your support. Check back often for details as I prepare for this exciting adventure! I must say, I'm really glad I have the next few months to get everything completed....

Today's adventure #1: renewing the passport. Pretty exciting! The forms were easy, but the hard part will be decommissioning my beloved first passport. I've been reassured that they will send it back to me, so I guess it's time to work on getting some new memories stamps!

Adventure #2 of the day is a little less exciting: beginning the process of fundraising for my trip. Each Young Adult Volunteer at an International site is responsible for raising $8,000 toward the costs associated with their YAV year. Step one is meeting with my pastor (which I will do this afternoon) to work out a few details before I post a more detailed summary of the process.

On a much less paperwork-focused note, I have had some incredibly amusing suggestions for the title of this blog, and so now I will put it to a very unofficial vote. I can't promise that I'll actually use the winner's title, but I have some remarkably creative friends who deserve some recognition (and friendly competition). Enjoy!

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