19 July 2013

On Holiday (celebrate!)

I mentioned earlier this year that I will be traveling at the end of my YAV year. I forgot to put up this message before I left, so greetings from Istanbul!

Full-on blogging is tough from an iPod, but I'm posting photo updates each day (when I have Internet) on Instagram (@pdcentre) and Facebook. I'm also trying to cross-post on twitter (also @pdcentre) for those that don't have one or the other.

I've included the hashtags #TriciAdventure and #awkwardselfie in most, if that gives you an idea of what you'll see there. What started as physical proof to my family that I made it on the next leg of my journey has become a bizarre trend of awkward self-taken photos of yours truly. Obviously the real ones will come later. With stories, etc.

Back to the states on 7 August - check ya on the flippy-floppy!

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