19 March 2013

You ask, I'll answer!

Hello, everyone!

I realize that I'm getting questions across several different platforms - and rather than answering them all individually, I've decided to do another FAQ round. So send in your questions!

A few guidelines:
  1. Send questions via the comments section below, or via twitter (@pdcentre). If you'd prefer to remain a little more anonymous, message me on facebook or email tricia.mcreynolds [at] gmail.com. 
  2. There are no stupid questions - in fact, I'd prefer those if it clears up common misconceptions that I face often. There might be inappropriate questions, which I reserve the right to kindly pass over, but I will do my best to answer everything. 
  3. There is no timeline (send to me by xx/xx) or anything, I will just write the answers up once I have a few good questions. 
So there you go! Start asking!

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