19 November 2012

Northern Irish Hospitality

This weekend, I experienced the best of Northern Irish hospitality.

On Saturday I was treated to my first trip to the Giant's Causeway. Ann approached me at church last week and offered to take me out for the day with her husband, Roy. I gladly accepted!

My gracious hosts

That's Scotland in the distance!

Not only was the weather GORGEOUS (it only started raining when we were on our way home), but they then treated me to lunch at the Bushmills Inn, which I would highly recommend to anyone visiting the North Coast. Overall, the perfect day!

The next day I got a little more hospitality as I was invited to lunch by Sylvia and her husband, another Roy. We spent the afternoon together, talking and enjoying each other's company. This weekend made me glad for the opportunity to spend more time with people one-on-one. 

Oh yeah, and my schedule changed! I will now work on Tuesdays, freeing up my Saturday mornings for exciting day trips like this, and YAV-accompanied things like St. George's Market! I'm pretty psyched. It was starting to get a little lonely with no common free time.

Looking forward to:
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with my Senior's Lunch group
  • ... and with the YAVs, at the Bakers' house (aka, Elaine cooks yummy food)!
  • My first Ulster Fry (again, to celebrate Thanksgiving)
  • Can you tell Thanksgiving is my favorite?
  • First BIG trip of the year: PARIS for New Years!

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