15 September 2012

A week in the life

We had gorgeous weather for our first week or so in Belfast, but now the weather has returned to what we can expect from a traditional autumn. The rain has started back intermittently, and it's fairly chilly in our little house. We're trying to add layers to delay the inevitable day when we'll have to work out our notoriously difficult heating system... so the hot water bottles I brought from home are definitely in rotation!

We started work last Wednesday, but this has been my first full week at work, plus the first time I participated in a few of our programs. Since school just started back last week, there was a bit of easing in to my work since they didn't all start at the same time. So without further ado, here's a snapshot of a week in my life:

Mondays are mostly reserved for YAV meetings with Doug. I also had the ability to attend a Kirk Session meeting this week to introduce the new session members to what is going on at FMPCI. Fun fact to my friends on session at Second Pres - when you are elected to session here, you're elected for life. No more complaining about 3 year terms! Also, since I'm a ruling elder in the States, I've been invited to their meetings throughout the year.

Tuesdays are my day off. I still haven't completely settled in, which would have been a perfect task for this week, but I was still coming off last week's cold and decided to spend the day laying low with a hot water bottle on my poor freezing toes! Anna and I also hit up the Ikea in an attempt to introduce a little more organization into our inherited apartment. Don't worry, I'll share photos when it's a little better put together.

Walking to work in the rain!
Wednesday is my full day at the Vine Community and Advice Centre. Mums and Tots group in the morning is an opportunity for infant/toddlers and their carers to come have some social interaction. That afternoon we have JAFFA - which stands for Jesus A Friend For All. Kids aged 3-10 or so come in for a Bible story, some games and of course Jaffa cakes!

Thursdays are my busiest days. I have office time at Fortwilliam and Macrory in the morning, followed by a seniors lunch and then homework club at the Vine. I'll occasionally head from there to Bike Club at Macrory, but the addition of a new YouthLink worker this week has lightened my load a bit. I'm back to Macrory in the evening for Boys' Brigade. I help out with the Anchors, who are the youngest brigaders at 3-10 years old. BB and it's counterpart GB are extremely popular in Northern Ireland (I think most of the YAVs are involved at a BB or GB group in each of their churches). My best description is that it's a bit like scouts, but with a more prominent church connection and a bit of a military flair.

Fridays are mostly office days at FMPCI, working on some programming and preparing for Sunday's service. I go to Football Club in the evenings, where I cheer from the sidelines, keep score and pour juice. Luckily Mark is a semi-pro footballer and can take care of the parts that require actual athleticism!

Saturdays, I come to garden at church in the mornings. I will occasionally join the walking group in the afternoons as well. In the evenings, I have Youth Club (everything is a "club" here!), which should be quite exciting. It is mostly an outlet for local kids to come hang out, and I'm excited to try my hand at leading my first kitchen project next week.

Sundays I'll lead a Bible class during church. I may have the occasional responsibilities in the afternoon, but for the most part I get a bit of a break!

So that is a look into my crazy week! As we know, the first job of a YAV is to be flexible, so I know this will change as the year progresses! This is already a ridiculously long post, so I'll save some reflection for next time...

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  1. Thanks so much for the update Tricia! Your pictures are beautiful!