17 July 2012

Getting close...

Oh look, I got my visa yesterday!

I have obviously pixellated the image to maintain a little privacy, but I will share that I am officially listed as a "religious migrant". Grace and I have decided this makes us feel like pilgrims.

In all seriousness, this is a very important step - since the UK visa process is notoriously difficult, and I can't exactly move there without it. Just one more thing I can cross off my list!

This morning, we were sent a "briefing paper" on Northern Ireland. While it is important to note that it hasn't been updated in a few years, this will serve as my next introduction to life in Northern Ireland (until I reach Belfast). A quick google search found a .pdf of the document sent by my coordinator, so if you're interested in reading along - here it is (although this is pretty hefty reading at 47 pages, and my copy is only 38... so I'm sure there are some differences).

Less than 4 weeks left at work. 34 days to Stony Point. 41 days to Belfast!

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